Georgia Purdom: Setting High Standards for Creation Publications

by Mariah Smith
Dr. Purdom

Dr. Purdom

Dr. Georgia Purdom is a scientist working for Answers in Genesis. Specializing in cellular and molecular biology, she studies what our bodies are made of—cells and molecules!

In 2000, Dr. Purdom received her PhD in molecular genetics from The Ohio State University. Her graduate work focused on cells that break down old bone tissue in the skeleton. She has published several papers in technical science journals and is a member of the Creation Research Society. Before coming to AiG, Dr. Purdom worked as an associate and assistant biology professor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Dr. Purdom is also chair of the Editorial Review Board at Answers in Genesis, helping set high standards for AiG publications. As a wife and mother, she is passionate about teaching women apologetics. She directs the Answers for Women conference every year—one of the largest conferences held by the ministry.

Attending a creation conference at Cedarville University ignited Dr. Purdom’s passion for creation research, especially when she discovered that there were very few women involved in creation research and lecturing. Now she gives speeches and lectures about her research and findings in biology and the Bible.

Dr. Purdom

Dr. Purdom (left) with Bodie Hodge on the set of Answers News, a program airing twice a week at Answers in Genesis.

Fast Facts about Georgia Purdom

  1. She became a Christian at a youth camp when she was eight years old.
  2. In her presentations, she often clarifies the distinct difference between biblical creation and the intelligent design movement.
  3. Her extensive knowledge on natural selection was important for the Natural Selection Is Not Evolution exhibit in the Creation Museum.

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