Andrew Fabich

on January 4, 2018

Dr. Andrew Fabich is a professor of microbiology at Truett McConnell University. He studies some of the smallest aspects of God’s creation: bacteria. He especially enjoys researching Escherichia coli (a bacteria that lives in animal and human intestines).

In eighth grade, Dr. Fabich decided to learn everything he could about DNA. In high school he wrote an English paper about the possibility of a Jurassic Park scenario (of bringing dinosaurs back from extinction). He also interviewed a molecular biologist at UC Berkeley for a project that required him to shadow someone in the field he wanted to enter.

Dr. Fabich knew that the Lord wanted him to earn an advanced degree, but he didn’t know whether to go into medicine or science. After volunteering in a hospital, he realized that he couldn’t handle seeing blood. However he found research in a cancer lab to be incredibly rewarding.

Dr. Fabich earned his bachelors of science in molecular genetics from The Ohio State University and his PhD in microbiology from the University of Oklahoma in 2008. His graduate work focused on how good and bad E. coli grow and cause disease in the mammalian intestine. Through his grad school years, Dr. Fabich grew passionate about studying E. coli because of how quickly it grows and how relatively easy it is to genetically manipulate. His research allowed him to study DNA in greater detail and indulge his curiosity about how living things work.

He has published articles in several scientific journals and has published articles on the Answers in Genesis website.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Fabich has worked at three different universities, teaching young people about God’s design even in the smallest areas of creation. He enjoys helping students understand how E. coli live so they’ll better understand how to grow the good E. coli and eliminate the bad.

Studying E. coli reminds Dr. Fabich of the complexity of life that could not exist without a Creator God. Dr. Fabich believes that God wants us to use our minds to bring him glory by exploring the depths of his creation.

Fun Facts

  • He married his high school sweetheart, Angela, and together they have four children.
  • He enjoys studying personality types.
  • He loves Pixar movies and tries to incorporate a movie quote in each AiG article.
  • In his spare time he enjoys playing the trumpet.

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