Tree Frogs and Tape

on January 30, 2008

Have you ever peeled tape off a wall and tried to restick it somewhere else? It doesn’t work too well, does it? Part of the reason for this is that the peeling causes tiny cracks in the tape. These cracks make it difficult for the tape to reattach.

Now let’s think about tree frogs for a moment. They hop onto the side of a house, hang out for awhile, hop off, and hop back on without losing any “stickiness.” Amazing, isn’t it?

Researchers in India also thought it was pretty neat. So they set about studying the toe pads of tree frogs. They found that tiny channels in the frog’s toe pads help the frog stick to surfaces, and that those channels also prevent cracks from spreading when the frog “unpeels” his foot from a wall.

Based on the design they found in the tree frog toe pads, the researchers made a sticky material that can be peeled off and reused!

Some people might claim that the amazing sticky ability that tree frogs (and crickets and other animals) have is just the result of many millions of years of natural processes. But, did the frogs need millions of years to figure out how to stick to whatever they were climbing on? No! God created tree frogs with that ability in the very beginning! He created the original tree frog kind just a few thousand years ago.

Think about it:

What amazing God-given designs have you seen in animals or plants that would be helpful to humans?