Scientific Discoveries Inspired by God’s Design

on October 26, 2012

Did you know that many scientific discoveries are inspired by the wonders that God has created in the world around us?

Blacktip Reef Shark

Blacktip Reef Shark

Did you know that many scientific discoveries are inspired by the wonders that God has created in the world around us? There is no end to what we can learn from God’s creativity and wisdom! The science of copying the designs in nature to advance technology is called biomimicry. Here are a few interesting examples of biomimicry:

  • Velcro® was invented after a pet owner, George de Miestral, noticed the burrs stuck in his dog’s fur were attached by tiny hooks.1
  • Since butterfly scales are very heat-sensitive, their design is being used to greatly improve thermal imaging devices, such as the thermal vision goggles used by the military at night.1
  • “German scientists modeled their first jet plane after the shark’s efficient body design that allows it to rapidly travel through the water. Early jet planes were even painted to look like sharks.”1
  • Dragonfly wing design is being studied in an attempt to improve aircraft, so they can maneuver better and more quietly, along with increasing the amount of weight that they can safely carry. “Dragonflies are capable of amazingly agile maneuvers, including flying backwards and sideways. They are also fast—some species can fly at over 30 mph (50 km/hr). A dragonfly’s two sets of long, beautiful wings flap typically 30 times per second.”2
  • Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl

  • The design of owl wings is being studied to discover ways for airplanes and helicopters to fly more efficiently (and quietly) at different speeds.“Owls use special curved feathers on the front row of their wings that change the direction of the air as it flows past, allowing them to fly at slower speeds than most other birds. Slower flight is also quieter—obviously of great value in hunting prey at night.”1
  • The way in which the octopus propels itself through water is similar to the design of jet engines.1
  • Various types of craft use radar and sonar equipment to navigate, similar to the echolocation abilities of bats and dolphins.1
  • Spiders can produce webs that are stronger than steel! Because of this, scientists are finding ways to produce stronger fabrics.3
  • Scientists are developing better painkillers based on the venom of the black mamba snake and the poison dart frog.4
Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog

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