Day One Experiment: Exploring God's Creativity Through Creating Art

on July 9, 2018
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  • Tangram pattern (download below), 1 per child
  • Tangram suggestions pattern (download below), 1 per table
  • Copy paper or card stock
  • Zippered baggies, 1 per child
  • Child-safe scissors, several per table
  • God Thought of It First cards (11-6-079, download below), 1 per child


  1. Photocopy the tangram pattern, one for each child (unless you don't want to send home the pattern with the child and instead want to reuse them for each group that comes through). Use card stock instead of regular printer paper for a sturdier option.
  2. Photocopy the tangram suggestions pattern, 1 or 2 per table.
  3. Cut the patterns apart for Pre-Primaries and Toddlers, and put them in zippered baggies. Let Primaries and Juniors cut theirs apart during class.

Class Time Directions

At Time Lab, we are discovering Jesus from eternity past to eternity present. Our God is eternal. Read Isaiah 40:28. What does this tell us about the Creator? Take responses: that he is everlasting; he doesn’t have a beginning or end. Let’s look at something Jesus said while he was here on earth. Read John 17:5. What does this teach us about Jesus? Take responses: Jesus is God and he existed even before the world began; Jesus is eternal!

Our memory verse for today shows us that Jesus is the Creator. Read Colossians 1:16–17. As the ultimate Creator, he has amazing creativity and has created an amazing world for us to explore and enjoy, even though it is now marred by sin. He created each one of us in his own image, with great care and purpose. Each one of us is an amazing work of art handcrafted by Jesus! Read Psalm 139:14.

Jesus created us and made us in his own image, which means we are different from the animals. One of the ways we're different from animals and like our Creator is that we are able to be creative in many different ways.

Think of how creative God is! He made a whole world and universe out of nothing just by speaking! Of course, we can't create something from nothing like God can, but being made in his image allows us to be creative with the materials God has provided. What are some ways we can be creative? Take responses: with music, with drawing, with painting, with making things out of clay, building things, being creative with words.

Several thousand years ago, a group of people who lived in China and were descendants of Adam and Eve came up with a creative puzzle that we call a “tangram” today. It has simple shapes that can be made into many different images. We will pass out a set of tangram pieces to each of you and give you a few minutes to arrange your pieces in different ways. There are a few ideas on the sample paper to get you started. Let's create a work of art as we make these tangrams!

Pass out the tangram patterns to Juniors and Primaries, along with bags and scissors. They can cut apart the pieces along the lines. Pass out the pre-bagged sets to Pre-Primaries and Toddlers. Pass out the tangram suggestions patterns, 1 or 2 per group. Let them play with them and then place them back in the bags to take home. Or have them leave the pieces for the next group of kids.

Pass out the God Thought of It First burdock thistle cards, 1 per child.

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