Which Way Are You Pulled?

on August 31, 2015


  • Variety of strong magnets, including at least one bar magnet and one horseshoe magnet (find magnets at a toy store, a hardware store, or from a teacher)
  • ††
  • Magnetic objects, such as paper clips, binder clips, staples, other magnets, nails, washers, nuts, bolts, screws, safety pins, old coins (pre-dating 1980), foil, tweezers, key rings
  • ††
  • Design Card—Feet

Experiment 1

  • Have the kids see how many objects they can get to stick on a magnet at one time.

Experiment 2

  • Have the kids try to stick two magnets (with opposite poles) together.

Class Time Directions

Pass out supplies.

Today we are talking about having wise feet. What do your feet do? Take responses. Our feet help us walk, keep our balance, and direct our paths. Just like our hands, feet have a lot of sensory receptors too. It is estimated the sole of each foot has 100,000–200,000 receptors for sensing touch, pressure, temperature, and pain! These receptors are important as we walk, run, and jump. They send information to the brain, and our bodies automatically “adjust” our walking, running, and jumping to avoid hurting our feet. People with the disease leprosy (a result of living in a fallen/cursed world) know just how important these receptors are to avoid injury. Very small organisms called bacteria have damaged their sensory receptors and they are unable to feel pressure, temperature, and pain. As they walk, their brain does not get information on how to adjust; and so their feet are easily injured.

Now, our feet can’t actually be wise, but we can make wise choices in the paths we choose. I want everyone to select a magnet. See how many objects you can pull to your magnet and get to stick.

Allow children time to get objects to stick on their magnet. Discuss their results.

Great job! It was pretty easy to get objects to stick on the magnet, right? Is it easy for us to stick with wise, good friends? Take responses. It’s a good thing for us to be friends with wise, good friends. These are the kind of friends who God wants us to stick with.

Collect the objects. Pass out magnets with opposite poles.

Now, I want you to try to make two magnets stick together.

Allow children time to stick their magnets together. Discuss their results.

No matter what, these two magnets just won’t stick together. This is kind of like what God wants us to do if we’re with foolish friends. Proverbs 13:20 reminds us that the companion of fools will be destroyed (will suffer harm). When we’re around friends who are constantly trying to get us to do things that won’t please God, then God wants us to beware! It should be like these magnets. He doesn’t want us to be attracted to friends like that. When we choose foolish friends, we might begin making bad choices. Remember King Solomon? That’s what happened to him when he chose foolish friends; he began to make bad choices, like following false gods.

If we’re with foolish friends, what should we do? Take responses. We can pray for them and tell them about Jesus, but God would caution us to stick with wise, good friends who lead us closer to God! Pass out the Design Card—Feet, one for each child.