Day Four Experiment: DIY Balloon Rocket

on July 17, 2018
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  • Balloons, 1 per child (provide a variety of sizes and be aware of latex allergies)
  • Plastic straws, 1 per child (provide a variety of widths and sizes)
  • Painter's tape, 1 per table
  • Long string, 1 per table, length varies (provide a variety of types of string as well)
  • God Thought of It First cards (download below)


  1. Determine how long the string will be and cut to that length.

Class Time Directions

Today at Time Lab, we are learning that after Jesus rose from the dead, he returned to heaven while his disciples watched. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to his disciples several times. He reminded them of what he had taught, and then he returned to heaven to prepare a place for them (and those of us who are his disciples). This is what the Bible says about when Jesus returned to heaven. Read Acts 1:1–11.

Jesus was lifted up into heaven, and he is right now helping those of us who have received the gift of eternal life. He is preparing a place for us, praying for us, and building his church by calling people from every tribe and nation into his family.

Although we don't know exactly what happened when Jesus went to heaven—we don't know if he went slowly or quickly like a rocket—we do know that it did happen because God tells us so in the Bible, and God cannot lie. Today, we're going to make a rocket balloon to remind us that Jesus went up to heaven.

Let each table decide where they will attach their string. Provide painter's tape for them to use to attach one end of their string to a wall or table or whatever works for your situation. Have each child attach his balloon to his straw with tape. They can blow up the balloon and pinch it, but don't tie it off. Take turns threading their string through their straw (the opening of the balloon should be pointed away from the finish end of the string) and launching their balloon rocket by letting it go. Keep hold of the end of the string while the balloon travels.

They can try the balloon on straws of different sizes. Does it go faster or slower? Try it with different types of strings. Vary the length of the string.

If you have the same lengths of string and place them in the same configuration, the kids can have races to see which balloon rocket is the fastest.

Pass out the God Thought of It First shark cards, 1 per child.

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