Do Mutations Fuel Evolution?

Other “Evidence for Evolution” Exhibits

on August 22, 2016

Some exhibits may present mutations as the fuel for particles-to-presidents evolutionary processes. The claim is that small changes in the genome can eventually result in one kind changing into a completely different kind of animal or plant, given enough time.

However, scientific observations have shown that virtually all mutations result in a loss in the information content of a genome, rather than the net gain that amoeba-to-archaeologist evolution requires. No mutation has been observed that causes an increase in (or new) genetic information.

As you ponder the exhibits about mutations, look for the answer to the question, “Where did all the new information come from since mutations are known to reduce or duplicate or reshuffle existing information?”

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Some may wrongly point to sickle-cell anemia as an example of an advantageous mutation in malaria infested parts of the world. However, even in this case, the mutation has resulted in a serious disease, and a loss of already-existing genetic information.

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