Experiment: Seed Strength

on July 31, 2013

Perform a fun experiment to discover just how strong seeds can be.

On January 9, 1948, a 220-foot (67 m) steel schooner named the Cali left Guayaquil, Ecuador, loaded with grain, bound for Santiago, Cuba. On January 27, the Cali began taking on water during a storm near Grand Cayman Island. As the seawater leaked in, the grain swelled up so much that it ruptured the hull and destroyed the ship!

To the casual observer, seeds appear lifeless and simple. However, under the right conditions, they will germinate (start growing). But this process depends heavily on the presence of water. God designed seeds with the amazing ability to soak up and hold the water necessary for the complex processes of life.

—Excerpt from Experiment: Those Swell Seeds, Answers magazine, Vol. 7, No. 3

Did you know that seeds caused a shipwreck? Read the remainder of Experiment: Those Swell Seeds and perform a fun experiment at the end of the article. You will discover just how strong seeds can be! Make sure you ask an adult for help.

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