Experiment: Creepy Crawly Plants

on February 7, 2014

Imagine a plant that’s sensitive to its surroundings and responds accordingly. Sound like science fiction? It’s not! In fact, the plant’s ability to monitor its surroundings—and change its growth patterns in response—is essential to its health and success.

When conditions become unfavorable, plants cannot simply get up and move like we can. So the Creator God designed plants with the amazing ability to monitor their surroundings and respond appropriately. We call this involuntary movement a tropism. Plants have the marvelous ability to bend or redirect growth either toward a stimulus (a positive tropism) or away from it (a negative tropism). Plants direct their growth in response to several external conditions, but the three most common are gravity, sunlight, and touch.

—Excerpt from Creepy Crawly Plants, Answers magazine, Vol. 6, No. 2

Would you like to see an example of plant growth in action? Read the rest of Creepy Crawly Plants and conduct the experiment at the end of the article. You will need an adult to help you. Have fun!

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