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Eggshell Experiment

Eggshell Experiment

on June 28, 2013

An architectural marvel is sitting innocuously in your refrigerator. Other manmade structures, such as the exotic Taj Mahal or modern high-tech football stadiums, have borrowed the same exceptional design. But while those buildings demanded enormous amounts of human labor and money to construct, you simply picked up your masterpieces at the marketplace—a dozen of them, to be exact.

Opening the egg carton, you may not recognize the contents’ structural excellence. After all, eggs have a reputation for breaking easily. At the store we examine each carton to make sure nothing has oozed out, and at home one or two whacks are sufficient to open the shell.

But there’s more to eggs than omelets and cakes. If you’ve ever been tasked with plucking eggs from startled hens, you’ve uncovered the first evidence that these oblong spheres aren’t so fragile. After all, they absorb the weight of the chickens that laid them.

—Excerpt from “Experiment: Walking on Eggshells”, Answers magazine, Vol. 6, No. 3

Looking for a fun summer activity? Would you like to learn more about the strength of eggshells, by performing an interesting experiment? Read the remainder of the above article, Experiment: Walking on Eggshells. Make sure you get permission from an adult before starting this experiment, because it can be a bit messy and you might need an adult’s help. Don’t forget to try these other egg experiments!