Earth Day

on May 13, 2009

Recently, people all around the world celebrated Earth Day.

Recently, people all around the world celebrated Earth Day. They tell us that we must care for the earth and “go green” in order to save our resources. What is the evolutionary reason given for trying to save the earth?

The Evolutionary Reason: Selfishness

We are constantly told that if we don’t conserve our resources, then someday they will be gone. If we don’t protect animal species, they will die out. If we don’t stop global warming, the planet will see terrible floods and storms. If we don’t use less water, it will run out. If we don’t recycle, the world will be full of trash. If we keep cutting down trees, they will disappear. The reason usually given for why we must work to save the earth is so that it will continue to support our lifestyle. We must protect our species. We like things the way they are and want them to stay that way. We don’t want to lose our beach houses if the water level rises.

After all, what reason besides selfishness can an evolutionist have for wanting to protect the earth? According to evolution, all of life is the result of species adapting to their environments. Won’t the fittest animals survive? Evolution gives us no reason for why it would be bad if organisms went extinct—other than that we would lose our lifestyle.

What Should Be the Christian Viewpoint on Earth Day?

Caring for the earth should never be just a fad. When God created the first humans, He gave them charge over the Garden of Eden, commanding them to care for the plants and animals that were there (Genesis 2:15). It was a perfect world with no sin or death, but God still put Adam there to tend what He had made.

The command God gave us in Genesis 2 was given for all humanity through Adam. This world is God’s, and we have a responsibility to do all things (including taking care of His property) as if we were doing it for Him (Colossians 3:17). Sadly, we Christians have not always heeded this. With God, however, our planet is the focus of His love, and our future can be secure.

Parts adapted from Go (Truly) Green—by Starting with Genesis by John UpChurch, April 22, 2009.