on May 1, 2019

From what scientists can tell, only about 16% of all snake species are considered venomous, but only around 5% are medically harmful to humans. And even those with venom aren’t very likely to bite people unless they feel threatened. (Most will just try to get away.) So there’s no reason to live in constant fear of snakes. Just give them plenty of room!


Snakes listed clockwise from top left: Death Adder, Black Mamba, Inland Taipan, Rattlesnake, Cobra

Death Adder

The name of the death adder tells you all you need to know about this native of Australia. These super-fast snakes can strike in around a tenth of a second. But even with such speed, they rarely bite people.

Black Mamba

Black mambas of Africa get their name from their mouths, which are black inside. These dangerous snakes can zip across the ground at over 10 miles per hour. But that doesn’t mean you need to lace up your running shoes. Black mambas are very unlikely to chase people.

Inland Taipan

The inland taipan is the most venomous snake in the world. One bite from this Australian serpent has enough venom to kill over 100 grown men! The good news? These snakes are very shy and don’t like to be around people.


In America, the most fearsome snake is also the loudest: the rattlesnake. Hollow shells of dead skin at the tips of their tails cause the racket they’re known for. Rattlesnakes don’t like to bite humans, which explains why they let you know to keep clear!


They don’t have the most powerful venom, but they are still very deadly. You can spot a cobra by the hood on its head—a mark that means, “Stay away!” These snakes have excellent eyesight and can strike from a long way off. Some of them can even spit their venom into an attacker’s face and blind its eyes. You could say they’re “spitting mad.”

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