What about the Animals?

on October 17, 2016

4,300 years ago

God brought land-dwelling, air-breathing creatures and birds to the Ark (Genesis 7:2–3). Researchers estimate there were about 1,000 different kinds represented, so with two of each kind (seven of some), there may have been around 2,000 animals on the Ark!

The Ark was big enough to hold the equivalent of 483 semi-trailers. Each trailer can hold 250 animals the size of a sheep (the average animal size). The 2,000 animals would fill up about 130 of those trailers, leaving the 353 remaining trailers for Noah, his family, and the supplies!

Dinosaurs were on the Ark, too! God created all land animals (including dinos!) on Day 6 in the beginning. They were still alive at the time of the Flood, survived on the Ark, and were alive for several thousand years afterward. In fact, we can read about one of the big dinosaurs (“behemoth”) in the book of Job (chapter 40)! Not all dinosaurs were huge—some were the size of a small chicken and the average size was the size of a large cow. It’s also likely that God brought the younger (smaller) dinosaurs to the Ark so they would take up less space than the older, larger ones!

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