Our “Ark” of Salvation

on October 31, 2016


There is good news for us, today, too! From the time Adam and Eve sinned, every person born into his or her family (all humans—including you and me) is born a sinner and disobeys God’s commands (Romans 3:23). And we all deserve the punishment for sin: death and eternal separation from God’s goodness in a terrible place called hell (Romans 6:23; Matthew 10:28).

We need someone to take care of that punishment for us. And because God loves people He created in His image, He sent someone to do just that! God the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth about 2,000 years ago. Jesus is God and was born in a human body, and He lived a perfect life—never sinning even once! But He was put to death on the Cross, paying the penalty for sin that we deserved.

But here is the power in all of that. Jesus rose from the dead two days later, showing that God had accepted His sacrifice. When we say we are sorry for our sins (repent) and believe that Jesus died in our place, we receive the gift of salvation from the punishment our sin deserved (Acts 20:21; Ephesians 2:8–9; Romans 10:9–10). We become a child of God forever! We will live forever with Him in heaven! Just as Noah trusted God to save him by entering the Ark, we can trust Jesus to save us. Jesus is our “Ark” of salvation!

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