One Flood, One Boat, One Man, and One God

on May 16, 2007

Everyone, beginning with Adam and Eve (the first two people), has disobeyed God. That’s called sin.

Only 1,700 years after creation—about 4,300 years ago—the people were so disobedient to God that God sent a flood, Noah’s Flood, to kill every person and air-breathing land animal on the earth. God is very patient. He gave the people a long time to stop sinning, but they wouldn’t.

Who survived? Only eight people!

Noah and his family loved God and wanted to please Him. So God promised to save them from the Flood. He told Noah to build an Ark (a large boat), and He even told Noah how big to build it. God always keeps His promises. After the Ark was built, the Flood came. The only people saved were Noah and his family. God’s judgment had come.

Will there be another Global Flood

No! After the Flood was over, God provided a rainbow as a reminder of His promise that there would never be another worldwide flood.


We all sin whenever we disobey God. But God provided a way for us to escape His judgment. He sent Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross for us. Just as God saved Noah, He wants to save you, too. If you believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead, if you are sorry for your sins and pray and ask Jesus to save you from the punishment we all deserve, then you are saved from final judgment (hell), just as Noah and his family were saved!

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