Noah Thanked God

on November 28, 2016

4,300 years ago

Noah and his family cared for the animals during the year they were on the Ark. To provide water for the animals and people, there were likely large storage tanks on the Ark that collected rainwater from the roof of the Ark and then piped it to different areas. Perhaps Noah even had some type of washing machine on the Ark so he and his family could wash their clothes after a hard day of working with the animals!

Finally, the waters of the Flood began to go down. God made a great wind pass over the earth. The mountains were raised up and the valleys sank down (Psalm 104:6–9). The ocean waters filled these valleys, which we know today as the ocean basins, where the water still remains.

When the Ark rested in the mountains of Ararat, Noah determined the land was dry enough to leave. Then God told Noah that he and his family should leave the Ark and take the animals out with them. It’s likely they went out the same door they came in (Genesis 8:13–19).

Noah built an altar and thanked God for providing salvation from the floodwaters (Genesis 8:20).

Question for you: What can you thank God for?

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