on May 2, 2016

Among the Greeks are found a number of legends about Deucalion. According to the myth, Deucalion was the king of his country. Their god, Zeus, wished to destroy all humans. Another god, Prometheus, warned Deucalion and his wife that this was about to happen. Deucalion built a large chest and stored in it what they needed. He and his wife entered into it. And the rains then started. They lasted nine days and nights until the whole world was flooded, except for Mount Olympus (the home of the gods) and Mount Parnassus. There was so much water that all men perished. The wooden chest landed on Mount Parnassus, and when the rains stopped, Deucalion and his wife got out. They sacrificed to Zeus to thank him for their escape.

Does this sound familiar to you? Check out the true account of the Flood of Noah’s time in Genesis 6–9!

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