on May 2, 2016

A number of flood legends are found in China. These include the tale of Fuhi. The Chinese consider Fuhi to be the father of their civilization. He, his wife, three sons, and three daughters escaped a great flood. They were the only people left alive on the whole earth. After the flood, they had many children from whom the whole earth was repopulated.

The Miao tribes in China also have a tradition that echoes very clearly the account of the Great Flood given in Genesis. Their flood legend features Nuah, his wife, and their sons Lo Han, Lo Shen, and Jah-hu. They built a big, wide boat that the family, animals, and birds got on and floated through the waters. Nuah sent out a dove to find out if the floodwaters had gone down and bring him tidings. When the waters went down, Nuah and those on the boat got off and made a sacrifice to the Mighty.

Does this sound familiar to you? Check out the true account of the Flood of Noah’s time in Genesis 6–9!

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