The Flood Covered the Whole Earth

on November 7, 2016

4,300 years ago

Noah and his family and the animals were safe on the Ark. Outside the Ark, massive amounts of water were covering the entire earth. The waters continued to rise until all the high hills on the whole earth were covered. And still the waters rose and covered even the highest mountains to a depth of over 30 feet (Genesis 7:18–20). The land animals and people that weren’t on the Ark were drowned in the Flood, although most sea creatures survived in the water.

Jesus taught that after Noah entered the Ark, the Flood came and destroyed them all (Luke 17:26–30). And the Apostle Peter wrote that the earth was flooded with water (2 Peter 3:3–7).

According to the Bible, the waters of the Flood covered every part of the earth and prevailed for 150 days. And scientists have found evidence of this earth-covering Flood all over the earth.

Question for you: If the water didn’t cover the whole earth, why did Noah take birds on the Ark with him? Couldn’t they have flown away to another part of the world that wasn’t covered with water?

Noah and the Great Flood

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