Did Noah Have to Search for All the Animals?

by Ken Ham on December 16, 2010

Did Noah have to search for all the animals or did they come by themselves?

Creation Question


. . . two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive (Genesis 6:20).

Genesis 2:19–20

Cheyenne, the simple answer according to our Bible verse is no, Noah did not have to search the world for the animals because God commanded them to come to the ark. But I would like to explain a bit further so we can see how great our Creator God really is. There are several instances in the Bible where God uses animals to do His bidding. Like when God sent the big fish to swallow Jonah, who did not want to obey. And what about God commanding the ravens to feed Elijah after God sent him out to the wilderness? You see, God is the Creator; He is powerful, mighty, and great. And He clearly chose which animals would join Noah and then He commanded them to go . . . and they obeyed. After all, God is the Creator, and they had to obey their Creator (as we need to obey the Creator — the Lord Jesus).