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on July 15, 2010



Even secular biologists claim that rabbits are hardly different from the earliest rabbit fossils. This is because rabbits were created only thousands of years ago with only slight variations occurring within their kind since creation. The eyes of the rabbit are placed in the perfect spot to allow them to see almost in a complete circle. Some species have broader feet—a special design feature that allows them to run efficiently on snow.


  • In general, hares are larger than rabbits although they both have many of the same features. Another difference is that hares have longer and black-tipped ears.
  • Different species are colored from white to dark brown.
  • Female rabbits are usually larger than males.

Fun Facts

  • The Romans were the first to domesticate the rabbit, and the rabbit spread as the Roman Empire spread.
  • Some species use their feet to communicate to others by pounding their hind legs on the ground.
  • The introduction of rabbits to Australia from Europe has contributed to the extinction of many native plants and animals.

Created Kind Members

Jackrabbit, snowshoe hare

CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)
ORDER: Lagomorpha (gnawing, herbivorous mammals)
FAMILY: Leporidae (hares and rabbits)
GENUS/SPECIES: Over 54 species

Size: Between 1 and 2 ft long (0.3–0.6 m)
Weight: 0.5 lb–15 lbs (0.3–7 kg)
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Grasses
Habitat: Grasslands and forests worldwide except for Antarctica, Madagascar, and parts of the Middle East

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