on November 4, 2011

The orangutans has powerful hands and arms but weak feet.



The orangutans has powerful hands and arms but weak feet. These features are characteristic of tree-dwelling animals. The orangutan learns most of its behaviors from its mother. This species sleeps in trees, building a nest among the branches.


  • The orangutan is most recognized by its reddish-orange coloring.
  • It has hook-shaped hands and feet that are perfect for living in trees.
  • The male has large cheek pads.

Fun Facts

  • The orangutan cannot swim.
  • At night it makes a new nest to sleep in, and sometimes it build canopies over its nests to protect it from the rain.
  • It will also use branches to protect its face from honeybees when invading a hive.

Created Kind Members

Bornean orangutan, Sumatran orangutan

CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)
ORDER: Primates (monkeys)
FAMILY: Pongidae (great apes kind)
GENUS/SPECIES: Pongo pygmaeus, possibly including P. abelii (Sumatran)

Size: Males: 3.2–4.5 ft (1–1.4 m); Females: 2.6–3.5 ft (0.8–1.1 m)
Weight: Males average 200 lbs (90 kg); Females average 110 lbs (50 kg).
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Plants, insects, young birds, and small mammals
Habitat: Tropical rainforests of southeast Asia (on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra)

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