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on September 23, 2010
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The claws of the mole are specifically designed to tear through and remove dirt. The mole breaks up the dirt and then push it behind itself. Frequently the mole will turn around and push the dirt to the surface. The tiny eyes of the mole are covered by a thin layer of skin that protects them from dirt, and its nose is used for pushing up insects and dirt.


  • The mole is an interesting creature with large, spade-like front paws and a round body.
  • The mole has no neck separating its head from its body.

Fun Facts

  • The mole uses its sensitive nose to detect movement, temperature changes, and other moles since it has poor eyesight and hearing.
  • The mole’s fur moves both forward and backward. This keeps the dirt from getting caught next to its skin.

Created Kind Members

Shrew mole, Russian desman

CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)
ORDER: Insectivora (insect-eating)
FAMILY: Talpidae (moles)
GENUS/SPECIES: 42 species make up the Talpidae family

Size: About 6 in long (0.2 m)
Weight: Between 2 and 4 oz (0.1 kg)
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Mostly insects
Habitat: Forests and fields

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