Family Devotion Time

on October 1, 2016

Family Devotion Time

"That dog won't hunt." When you have a dog that’s bred to be a hunting dog, you expect it to hunt. When it doesn’t, you’re disappointed. This has become a common phrase to describe any idea that just won’t work.

God gave special traits to dogs so they could use them. He gave the potential for warm fur so some could survive in the cold. He gave others smarts so they could help herd animals or guard houses. He gave some loyalty so they’d stick by their owners and save lives in difficult conditions.

That points us to an important lesson.

Here’s the Deal

God gave every one of us unique gifts and talents that can help others. He wants us to use them!

God gave each of His children special talents and gifts, too (Romans 12:4–8). Some of us are good at singing, writing, teaching, helping others, giving people encouragement, studying God’s creation, or perhaps even preaching. We’re equipped to do exactly what God intended for us to do.

In fact, Jesus told us that He expects us to use the gifts we’ve been given (Matthew 25:14–30). Why? Because when we do, we point other people toward Him. And that makes Him happy.

Your gifts are there for a reason. Just like the beagle bays with all its might, use your talents with all you’ve got.

Talk It Over

What gifts and talents do you see in yourself? How can you use them to help others? If you have a pooch, how can you point others to see God’s wisdom in the way he was made?

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here.

I love my dogs, and I’m so glad that God designed them just the right way to be great sidekicks for us!

Buddy Davis

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