Kids Feedback: How Do Cheetahs Run At Highway Speeds?

on July 26, 2012

Dear AiG,

We have been to the museum in 2008. We were thrilled to see how the creation came alive through Biblical answers. Keep up the good work!! The planetarium was fantastic. I did not realize our universe was so unmeasured. It put perspective on our earth.

My 15-year-old and I were discussing how giraffes have the long neck to be able to reach the leaves, also the shut-off valve when they bend their head down to take a drink otherwise the blood would have too much pressure in their brain. She was stumped on the cheetah. How do they run highway speed, only for a short time, like a sprinter? A good answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

– L.H., Minnesota

We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit to the Creation Museum! Hopefully you will be able to visit again soon and see the new human origins exhibit.


God designed the cheetah in a truly amazing way. The cheetah can reach speeds up to 70 mph (113 km/h), which makes it the fastest-running land animal on earth today. “It has large, powerful claws that help grab the ground at high speeds [for traction], and larger nasal passages that allow it to take in more air during and after running.”1 Additional design features that allow the cheetah to reach such speeds include an enlarged heart and lungs that work together to circulate great amounts of oxygen through the cheetah’s body.2 The cheetah also has an extremely flexible spine, which allows its back paws to move in front of its front paws when running at full speed, thus increasing the length of its stride. The cheetah’s long tail improves its balance during running, helping it to make quick turns. This animal was designed to run!

To read more about cheetahs and animal design, please see the following:

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