Black Bear

on February 11, 2010


Black Bear

God designed the female black bear with something called “delayed implantation,” when her fertilized eggs do not begin to develop until the fall. Delayed implantation gives bear cubs the best chance to survive the winter since they are born in the protection of the den while the mother bear hibernates. As the cub grows, the mother must teach necessary survival behaviors.


  • The black bear looks different from the brown bear with its longer and less furry ears, smaller shoulder humps, and rounder profile.
  • The black bear is an inquisitive animal, sometimes searching out human domains in search of food.

Fun Facts

  • The black bear is not a social creature. Males and females are only found together during mating season.
  • At birth, a black bear cub weighs less than a pound (0.5 kg).
  • Even though this animal appears ferocious, it is mainly vegetarian.

Created Kind Members

Brown bear, panda, polar bear

CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)
ORDER: Carnivora (meat-eating)
FAMILY: Ursidae (bear kind)
GENUS/SPECIES: Ursus americanus and U. thibetanus (American and Asian)

Size: Male: 4–6.5 ft (1.4–2 m); Female: 4–5.3 ft (1.2–1.6 m)
Weight: Male: 100–900 lbs (47–409 kg); Female: 85–520 lbs (39–236 kg)
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Fruits and vegetation, mainly; also small animals and insects; they will also consume garbage
Habitat: North America and parts of Mexico

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