Where Do They Live?

on June 11, 2008

Where do bats live?

Many bats live in dark, underground caves. It is really easy to sleep there during the day. Nearly 20 million bats live in Bracken Cave, Texas.


Aren't bats scary and mean, and don't they attack at night so they can suck your blood?

Absolutely not! They are beautiful, gentle, and shy animals who take good care of their babies.

Bats don’t just live in caves. They also can be found roosting in trees. They live under big leaves, where they hide from danger. Some bats slip in under the bark of a tree, and others just hang around on the branches.

Bridges offer a great place for bats to “hang out.” All that noise and commotion doesn’t seem to bother them. They sleep right through it . . . and when the sun sets, out they go a-hunting for their bugs.

Bats: Marvels or Monsters?

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