Bats and Birds

on June 11, 2008

Take a look at some of the differences between bats and birds.


  • Birds are birds
  • A bird hatches from an egg
  • Birds have feathers
  • Birds have internal ears
  • Baby birds eat bugs and worms from their mom’s mouth
  • Birds often fly into glass (they just don’t see it)


  • Bats are mammals
  • A bat is born
  • Bats have fur
  • Bats have external ears
  • Baby bats drink milk from their mom
  • Bats do not fly into glass (because they “see” by sound waves and can tell the glass is there)

Bats: Marvels or Monsters?

This issue of Kids Answers explores interesting facts about bats, looks at differences between birds and bats, contains a pull-out bat poster and more!

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