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on April 1, 2016

Our planet’s oceans are “stuffed to the gills” with incredible animals. Colorful squid, fish that go fishing, horses of the deep—surprises swim around every coral reef and inside every cave.

Such ocean commotion points to our Creator, who is wise and powerful. These amazing creatures are designed to do what they do—and they do it very well. We could spend a lifetime studying them. But there’s something much more incredible to study: the God who made all these creatures!

So, how do we get to know more about the Creator of the seas? It’s not hard. He wrote a book for us—a book you probably have in your house. The Bible.


The Bible tells us many things that the world around us can’t. While our universe points to our Creator, the Bible tells us more details about what He has done. It tells us that He made the oceans in a single day, and two days later He made every kind of sea creature. Wow!

The Bible also explains why creatures sting, eat each other, and do other terrible things. It wasn’t always that way. God originally made everything “very good.” But then the man whom God created disobeyed Him. As punishment, the world was cursed.

But God has better things in mind for His children. The Bible tells us He is preparing a home in heaven more wonderful than any place on this planet. He loves us so much that He wants us to be there with Him forever (Romans 5:8–10).

To show His love, God sent His Son, Jesus, to take the punishment we should have gotten for the bad things we’ve all done (John 3:16). We just need to tell God we’re sorry for what we did wrong and believe He will forgive us based on what Jesus did for us. Then we get to live with this all-powerful Maker of the sea. Forever.

That’s even more exciting than studying cuttlefish or the other wonders of the world!

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here.

I get so excited when I see the amazing animals that God made in the ocean. Each one shows just how incredible He is and why we should want to live with Him.

Buddy Davis

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