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Kids Feedback: Why Do We Have a Heavenly Father and Not a Heavenly Mother?

by Troy Lacey on January 26, 2012

Our 8-year-old daughter asked us the other day why we only had a Heavenly Father and not a heavenly mother. We tried to answer the best we could (that God calls himself our Father, but has motherly attributes, and that we don’t need a heavenly mother to make us. We did not go into earthly reproduction, but she still seemed confused. My husband and I were hoping you would be able to help us explain in a way she could understand at her age. Thanks!

– J.C., Cortland, New York

Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis. As humans, God has mandated that it was “not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18), and He formed Eve from the rib of Adam. From that point on, mankind knew that his wife was to be his helpmate. She was to be the loving mother (Proverbs 4:3, 31:28) who helped her husband to raise the children and run the household. In other words, mankind was created as male and female (Genesis 1:27), so that even in Paradise, man alone was not complete without woman.

God, however, is complete. He needs no “helpmate,” so there is no need for a heavenly mother. As you rightly pointed out, God’s character has qualities that we more often associate with the feminine side, such as compassion, sacrificial giving of oneself, and patience (which is not to say that men do not exhibit these qualities, but they are more often associated with women). Indeed, as mankind was made in the image of God, all good and wholesome qualities flow from God’s character.

Perhaps the best way to frame things for your daughter is to say that God is perfect, unique (one of a kind), and does not need any helpers. Man, however, is not perfect or complete by himself, so God created moms and dads to be able to help each other.

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