How Do We Know What Really Happened?

Chapter 16

on August 16, 2017
Creation Question


God is not a man, that He should lie . . . (Numbers 23:19).


Malachi 3:6

Luke 21:33

Genesis 1:1

Let’s see, Annabel. There are people who believe in evolution who think that billions of years ago (when no one was there to see) the universe came into existence by a big bang. Then billions of years ago (when no one was there to see) the earth came into existence. Then billions of years ago (when no one was there to see) life formed on earth. Then millions of years ago (still no one there to see!) animals began changing into other animals. Then two million years ago (yep, still no one there!) an animal like an ape began to change into a human being. That’s their story . . . but there wasn’t anyone around to see it.

Well, guess what? In the Bible we are told that God has given His word to men to write down so we can know how everything came to be. The Bible, which is God’s Word, though penned by man, tells us that God was there and He has given us an eyewitness account of exactly how the universe and everything in it was created. The Bible tells us thousands of times that it is the Word of God.

My questions to you is, “Do you trust God, who knows everything, who has always been there, who never changes, and who doesn’t tell a lie OR a human being who doesn’t know everything, changes his mind, changes his story, and wasn’t always there?” Well, I believe God and that makes real sense!

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