God’s Promises Always Come True

by Avery Foley on April 17, 2018

God always keeps his promises! He promised many things throughout the Bible, including things about the coming Savior, Jesus Christ. Some of these promises are called prophecies. This means God is telling the future before it happens. And when God tells us the future, we know it will come true because God always keeps his promises, and he knows all history and all of the future.

Here are some of God’s promises about the Savior that came true:

  • Jesus would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2)—and he was! (Matthew 2:1)
  • The star would be a symbol of the Messiah (Numbers 24:17)—and it was! It led the wise men to Jesus (Matthew 2:2).
  • Jesus would be a king (Jeremiah 23:5)—and he is! (Matthew 2:2)
  • People would bring Jesus gifts (Psalm 72:10)—and they did! (Matthew 2:11)
  • Jesus would come as a baby boy (Isaiah 9:6)—and he did! (John 3:16)
  • Jesus would be born of a virgin who would be called Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14)—and he was! (Matthew 1:22–23)

These are just a few of the prophecies that were made about Jesus’ birth. Many more were made about his life, death, and Resurrection. Every single one came true. The Bible also has prophecies about Jesus’ second coming, when he returns again. We’re still waiting for Jesus to come back, but we know that everything the Bible says about this second coming will come true. God always keeps his promises!

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