My Bus Says There Is No God!

on March 25, 2009

In London, England, campaigners put banners that say “there’s probably no God” on the sides of city buses. In smaller letters the banners say, “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” The plan was to put the message on sixty buses for four weeks. It was financed by the British Humanist Association.

One Southampton man who worked for the bus company was shocked when he realized he was supposed to drive one of the anti-God buses. He felt he could not do it and asked for another bus to drive. Since one could not be found, he was told to go home.

How would you feel about driving or riding in a bus that said there was probably no God? Would it matter to you?

It is strange that the banner assumes that if you don’t believe in God then you can relax and enjoy life. Actually, not believing in God gives us no purpose, no reason to be good people, and no hope for what happens after death. Why should we choose to do the right thing if it doesn’t matter in the end? Don’t we have more to worry about if there is no God?

Trusting in God and obeying Him is a much better way to “enjoy life.” If bad things happen, we know God has a purpose for them. Maybe the banner on our bus should read, “There is a God! Enjoy your life serving and trusting Him!”