Fossilized Footprints—Made By Dinosaur Ancestors?

on October 21, 2010

A group of scientists recently found some fossilized footprints in Poland. They claim that these footprints belong to the evolutionary ancestors of dinosaurs. These scientists date the fossilized footprints as being around 230 million years old. They have even drawn pictures of the creature, and suppose that it is roughly the size of a cat.1

Kids, what do you think about this? Is it true? How can we find out?

It’s important to remember that these scientists made conclusions about the fossilized footprints based upon their evolutionary beliefs. One scientist even admitted that it was hard to draw conclusions about animals based entirely on their footprints.1

Creation scientists look at the same fossilized footprints and make vastly different conclusions based upon the Bible, which we know to be true.

The Bible suggests that the earth is around 6,000 years old. As we would expect, there is much scientific evidence to support this. (See our Age of the Earth Q & A.) There is a good possibility that these footprints were fossilized during the worldwide flood, which was around 4,300 years ago.

Also, we know from the Bible that land dinosaurs were created on Day 6 of the Creation Week (Genesis 1:24-31). Dinosaurs did not evolve from cat-sized creatures—they were created by God.

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