A Gigantic Giant

on January 30, 2008

A new dinosaur discovery

Scientists have found the remains a huge dinosaur in Argentina. It is one of the largest discovered so far—it is over 105 feet long! That’s longer than 2 school buses lined up end to end. They’ve given this new dinosaur the lovely name of Futalognkosaurus dukei. How would you like to have to say that five times fast?

The name comes from the Mapuche Indian words for “giant” and “chief.” Dukei comes from the company that gave money to the researchers—Duke Energy Argentina.

Paleontologists—scientists who study fossils—have dug up the neck, back, hips, and some of the tail bones of this monster. They have also found many other fossils in that area: plants, teeth, and other dinosaur remains.
The news reports claim that this massive dinosaur was a plant-eater that lived many millions of years ago—88 million to be precise. However, from the Bible, we know that the earth is much younger than that—about 6,000 years.

Although we can’t say for certain, it’s possible that this creature died and was buried during the earth-covering Flood of Noah’s day (see Genesis 6–9). This happened about 4,350 years ago—not many millions of years. It’s also possible that Futalognkosaurus drowned in a smaller flood sometime after Noah’s Flood. Creation scientists will need to do some more research on it before we can say for sure.

Are you interested in studying dinosaur fossils someday?