on September 23, 2011

The trumpetfish is a sneaky predator.



The trumpetfish is a sneaky predator. It will sometimes swim slowly and sneak up on its prey, or it may act like a floating stick. This predatory technique likely became part of the trumpetfish’s instinct after the Fall when animals began to eat other animals.


  • This fish is extremely long and slender.
  • It also has a long, tube-like snout into which it sucks its prey.
  • The trumpetfish’s color varies from dark brown to green.

Fun Facts

  • The trumpetfish can change colors. This ability is used as camouflage and can help it find a mate.
  • The male trumpetfish carries the fertilized eggs until they are ready to hatch.
  • There are three species of trumpetfishes worldwide.

CLASS: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
ORDER: Syngnathiformes (pipefishes and sea horses)
FAMILY: Aulostomidae (cornetfishes and trumpetfishes)
GENUS/SPECIES: Aulostomus maculatus

Size: Less than two ft (0.6 m)
Depth: 10–100 ft (3–30.5 m)
Diet: Small fish and crustaceans
Habitat: Coral reefs or lagoons throughout the Indo-Pacific and eastern Pacific

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