My Cousin is a Neanderthal!

on February 25, 2009

Neanderthals are usually portrayed in cartoons, movies, and documentaries as sub-humans who could only grunt and point.

Neanderthals (also spelled Neandertals) are usually portrayed in cartoons, movies, and documentaries as subhumans who could only grunt and point. Evolutionists consider them more primitive and less evolved than modern humans. Recently, however, some interesting facts have been discovered:

  • The Neanderthals’ skeleton has a hyoid bone, a bone related to the voice box. Neanderthals likely had a speech and language ability the same as people today.
  • Fossils show that Neanderthals buried their dead in graves.
  • Ivory rings, possibly used as jewelry by Neanderthals, have been discovered in a cave in France.
  • Neanderthals, who were probably unusually strong, used stone-tipped, aerodynamic spears.
  • Evidence suggests that Neanderthals hunted and then butchered animals for food. Some evidence shows they even hunted birds.
  • Bone fragments have been found with holes cut into them, suggesting they were a type of flute played by Neanderthals. Although evolutionists claim the holes were gnawed by a wolf, the holes are in a row and very round in shape. That would have to be a talented wolf!

More and more evidence shows us that Neanderthals were not as primitive as evolutionists believe. Biblical creationists believe there were never any “subhumans.” Neanderthals were just one more group of people who split off after the Tower of Babel.

Adapted from “Neanderthal Man—the Changing Picture” by Michael Oard, September 2003,