Keep Your Appendix!

on November 18, 2009

The appendix is not a vestigial organ

Charles Darwin first suggested that the appendix was an evolutionary dead-end part of the body that hung around, unused, in humans. These supposedly unused organs have been called “vestigial organs.” That means that evolutionists believe the appendix evolved for some reason but over time was no longer necessary, so it became a “leftover”—not needed.

Other body parts that have been, or are still considered, “vestigial organs” are: tonsils, the tailbone, wisdom teeth and even goosebumps! Tonsils had been considered useless until science more recently proved that they are an important part of the immune system. Years ago doctors would routinely remove tonsils any time they were inflamed. Eventually, it was discovered that this could actually cause many problems.

Recent discoveries have also proved that the appendix plays an important part in the body's health. It aids in digestion and produces antibodies that defend your body against bacteria. Some studies have shown that the appendix has an important role even before a person is born.

Sadly, many science textbooks still talk about “vestigial organs.” They are very outdated. Even evolutionists now agree that the appendix has a purpose. Charles Darwin was apparently wrong. We should not be surprised that the appendix is important, as it was designed by our wonderful Creator!