Tiny T-rex

on November 10, 2009

A recently discovered fossil of a small T-rex has created some confusion for evolutionists.

Recently in China, an unusual dinosaur fossil was discovered. It was a tiny T. rex that is much smaller than any other T. rex fossil that has been found. It was only about the size of a human!

This has created some confusion for evolutionists, who originally said that T. rex got large and then developed its tiny arms and huge head. Now evolutionists are saying that the small T. rex already had these strange features, and then evolved into a larger size. They are calling the small T. rex a "missing link."

Why would a tiny T. rex evolve into a large T. rex? What would cause that? Do all animals supposedly get bigger as they evolve? Why couldn't this just be a smaller version of the current T. rex, showing a wide variety in the size of the species? We have that wide variety today in elephants, dogs, and horses, from very small to very large.

Would a miniature T. rex be any less scary than a large one? I don't think I would like to meet either!