Did We Use Dinosaurs for Transportation?

by Ken Ham on December 9, 2010

Did we use dinosaurs for transportation?

Creation Question


For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind (James 3:7).

Genesis 2:19–20

I know the Bible doesn’t specifically address this question, but Joy, we can use the reasoning skills God gave us and His Word to come up with an answer. We see and hear about all sorts of animals being tamed by man. In fact, from our Bible verse it appears that we shouldn’t be surprised that animals can be tamed. I can think of many animals that have been tamed to work for humans. There are elephants, tigers, bears, horses, dogs (of course), lions, camels, birds, dolphins, walruses, even the great killer whale, and a lot more! This is one of those things that is just fun to think about, isn’t it? So, why not some of the dinosaurs? Who knows what they were doing? It seems to me we should at least allow the possibility that some could have been tamed to help with transportation, maybe even farming, hauling heavy loads (the strong ones!), and other things. After all, some dragon legends from China tell us that dragons (dinosaurs?) were used to pull the emperor’s chariots.