Age of the Dinosaurs?

Hall of Life—Dinosaur Exhibits

on March 7, 2016

Throughout your journey in the dinosaur halls, you’ll read a lot about the “age of the dinosaurs,” with terms like Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, and phrases like “millions of years ago.”

Keep in mind that much of what you’re reading is evolution-based storytelling, and not actual fact. Remember, scientists do not find dinosaur bones with attached tags that say, “Hi, I’m 178 million years old.” These ages are interpretations.

The fossils that have been found provide a snapshot of the death of that particular dinosaur—not a comprehensive picture of the dinosaur’s life. Most creationists believe that the various layers in which different dinosaurs are found represent different stages of burial during the Flood (4,300 years ago).

Additionally, contrary to what the museums may be telling you, fossilization does not require long time periods—simply the right conditions. In fact, fossilization usually requires very little time. Otherwise the evidence of skin, bones, eggs, footprints, etc. would be erased by scavengers, micro-organisms, weathering, and other decay processes.

In fact, scientists have recently discovered that some Tyrannosaurus rex bones may still have soft tissue in them. This confirms that the bones can’t be millions of years old, because the soft tissue would have decayed long ago. For more information, see

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