Creation Week: Day Two

by Avery Foley on May 25, 2016

We know from the Bible that God created everything (Genesis 1:1) in just six days (Genesis 1; Exodus 20:11). But what did He create on which day of Creation Week?

Genesis 1:6–8 tells us what God created on Day Two. On Day One, God created light and earth, covered with water. On Day Two, God divided that water. Some of the water stayed on earth to eventually form the oceans, lakes, and rivers (Day Three) that would be filled with fish and other sea creatures (Day Five). The Bible says that the rest of the water was “divided” from this water on earth and was placed “above the firmament.” But what was the firmament?

The firmament refers to a space or expanse called “heaven” (Genesis 1:8). On Day Four of Creation, God put the sun, moon, and stars in the heaven (Genesis 1:17), and on Day Five He created birds that fly in the part of the heaven that is near us (Genesis 1:20). So from this we know that on Day Two God created our atmosphere (what we call the “sky”) and outer space.

So where did the water go that God put “above the firmament”? We don’t know for sure because the Bible doesn’t give many more details. But this likely refers to water somewhere in outer space. As we learn more about the universe, studying it through the lens of Scripture, we’re sure to find out where this water is.

After God divided the waters and created our atmosphere and outer space, there was evening and morning, ending Day Two.

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