Virtual Zoo

on January 17, 2014

Sharing the truth of the Bible through creation apologetics isn’t just for adults.

Sharing the truth of the Bible through creation apologetics isn’t just for adults. Three enthusiastic brothers, ages 10, 11, and 13, are combining their interest in writing, creationism, and web design to launch the Virtual Creation Zoo. Their goal is to declare the glory of our Creator, and these three boys are doing it!

Gideon Stephen, 11, founded the zoo. Now he and younger brother Micah research and prepare articles and videos for the site. Older brother Caleb manages the zoo through the family’s web hosting business.

Their “About Us” page encourages visitors to “dare to question evolution” and not to believe it simply “because everyone else does.” They don’t shy away from the hard things but warn skeptical readers that the reason people deny God is their hard heart, not lack of evidence.

The boys got a lesson about the world’s intolerance for truth in April, when a cyber attack disabled the site. But opposition is clear evidence that the Virtual Creation Zoo is having an impact. So rather than being discouraged, the Stephens praised God for the opposition and got the site up and running again on another server a few days later.

You can visit the Virtual Creation Zoo at

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