My name is Hammer, and I am a hammerhead shark. You can recognize me by the shape of my head. It’s looks like, you guessed it, a hammer!

Hammerhead Shark Facts

My special head was designed by the Creator, but scientists still don’t fully know its purpose. Some think that maybe it allows for more space for important sensory organs to help me find my food. One of these special organs allows me to sense the electrical fields other animals give off. This helps me find my favorite meal, stingrays, which bury themselves under the sand. Another special design is that my hammerhead spreads my eyes far apart, letting me see farther and wider than most other sharks. As scientists continue studying sharks like me, they will learn even more amazing things that God designed my unique head to do. Our Creator’s designs are always amazing!

Here are some other cool facts about the hammerhead shark:

  • Newborn hammerheads have a round-shaped head that turns into the hammer shape as it gets older.
  • Female hammerheads don’t lay eggs like most fish—they give birth to live young!
  • The number of baby sharks (also called pups) a female will give birth to can be anywhere from 6 to 40.
  • Hammerhead sharks rarely attack humans.
  • Like all creatures, hammerhead sharks were originally designed to be vegetarian (plant eaters), but when Adam and Eve sinned, death became part of God’s creation. Now they eat other fish and sea creatures.
  • Hammerhead sharks were created on Day Five of Creation Week.

Class: Chondrichthyes (fish with cartilage, instead of bones)
Order: Carcharhiniformes (ground sharks)
Family: Sphyrnidae (a created kind that includes bonnethead and scoophead sharks)
Genus/Species: Sphyrna mokarran (Great hammerhead)
Size: 13–20 feet long
Weight: 500–1,000 lbs
Diet: Fish, stingrays, squid, octopuses, crustaceans
Habitat: Open and shallow tropical waters worldwide

Character Trait

I want to remind boys and girls to “nail” obedience. Jesus said that if we love Him, we’ll obey Him. Obeying God can sometimes be difficult, but we can rely on God to help us obey Him, no matter what.


“If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15).

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