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The Perfect Family Pet

on August 29, 2013

Shy, gentle, and easy to care for—sound like the ideal pet?

Can you guess what the perfect family pet would be? Here are some clues.

Shy, gentle, and easy to care for—sound like the ideal pet? To top it off, this delightful little critter has a few things to teach us about our Creator’s genius. Just one problem: he won’t keep quiet about it.

If you could pick any pet from the local pet store that’s guaranteed to get your friends talking, what would it be? One more condition. It must be cheap, very cheap . . . and easy to care for.

How about a huge cockroach that hisses?

If you enjoyed reading this excerpt from Answers magazine and would like to learn more about hissing cockroaches, please read Hissing Cockroaches—The Perfect Family Pet by Rich Wendling. The article also includes a fun cockroach experiment that you can watch in the following video.

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