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Did Bumblebees Have Stingers Before Adam and Eve Sinned?

Chapter 16

by Ken Ham on August 12, 2010

Did bumblebees have stingers before Adam and Eve sinned?

Creation Question


For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now (Romans 8:22).


Genesis 3:8–19

Because of Adam’s sin in the Garden, we do not live in a perfect world. We really can’t imagine what a perfect world would be like. We know there was no violence and no death—we wouldn’t expect this from a loving, life-giving God.

Our Scripture verse tells us that the whole creation is affected by sin, and that includes bumblebees. So, when we consider their stingers, all of us wonder the same thing that you’ve asked, Heidi. I think it is likely that the bumblebees had what we now call stingers before sin, but they weren’t used to harm anything. I am sure they weren’t originally meant to sting us, but because of sin in the world, things have changed! When a bumblebee reacts to us in a fallen world, it hurts!