Bombardier Beetle Inspires Technology Advance

Image by Peter Halasz via Wikimedia Commons

on February 10, 2011

Image by Peter Halasz via Wikimedia Commons

After closely studying the Bombardier beetle, a group of scientists has made some amazing discoveries. Dr. Andy McIntosh, who is a professor of thermodynamic and combustion theory at the University of Leeds in England, led the research and is a young-earth creationist!1

The Bombardier beetle has a special defence mechanism. It can shoot a toxic chemical spray (heated to 212°F) at predators when it is threatened. God designed this beetle to shoot chemicals in an amazing way! “This creature requires an explosive mixture (hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone), a combustion chamber to contain the chemicals, exhaust nozzles to eject the mixture into which two catalysts are also injected (the enzymes catalase and peroxidase)—all this at the right moment to make the violent reaction take place as the mixture leaves the back end.”2

Dr. McIntosh and his team of scientists studied the Bombardier beetle for five years, and were able to develop new technology based on the beetle’s design. “The university said the new technology allowed droplet size, temperature and velocity to be closely controlled, ‘allowing advancements in a variety of areas where the properties of the mist is critical.’ It said it could inspire new types of nebulisers, needle-free injections, fire extinguishers and powerful fuel injection systems.”3

Dr. McIntosh won the Times Higher Educational 2010 Innovation and Technology award for his research on the Bombardier beetle! He says, “I believe there is much more of nature’s secrets that we could learn from our great Creator if we looked with an eye to see design. . .”4


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