Ants That Cultivate Crops!

Farmer Ants Created By God

on June 8, 2010

Farmer ants grow fungi for food.

Did you know that God gave some ants the ability to farm? Yes, it’s true! Some ants, living in the Amazon, raise fungi for food. This poses a slight problem for evolutionary scientists. Some evolutionary scientists believe that the ants evolved around 12 million years ago, but they believe the fungi eaten by the ants evolved around two or three million years ago. So the ants would have had to survive without farming these fungi for millions of years. These scientists think that maybe the ants farmed something else prior to the evolution of these types of fungi, but are not completely sure how to explain this.

“Mycologist Bryn Dentinger of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, says that the results add ‘another level of complexity’ to the coevolution of the ants and fungi. But he cautions that the evolutionary history of fungi is still poorly understood, and the results will have to be updated as scientists discover new fungal species.”1

We can come up with a much better explanation by starting with the Bible, which is exactly what creation scientists have done. They have started with identical scientific data, but have drawn vastly different conclusions. Creation scientists believe that God created plants and probably certain fungi, such as the fungi eaten by these ants, on the third day of the creation week, around 6,000 years ago (Genesis 1:11-13). Creation scientists believe that God created ants on the sixth day of the creation week (Genesis 1:24-25). Creation scientists also believe that all creatures ate plants before Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:30-31). If we combine scientific data with biblical facts, it’s easy to see that the ants could have been able to cultivate these fungi from the very beginning.


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