Taking Flight

Ring-necked pheasant, by Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge (US Fish & Wildlife Service) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

by Mike Matthews on March 1, 2019

My stepmom is one of those crazy birdwatchers who won’t go anywhere without her binoculars. She’s always looking for a rare variety, a flash of distinctive color, or an identifiable melody.

Me, I just get caught up in the simple marvel of flight. Whether driving down the road or sitting on my back porch, I love to look up and watch these free-spirited aviators. Even the lowly swift can do miracles.

I’ve learned a bit about bird design over the years, including the four main wing types. Jet wings on swifts enable them to out-dive the best fighter planes.

The more I learn, the more I come back to a simple truth. The Creator loves to do the impossible, and he wants the whole world to see (Genesis 1:20; Matthew 19:26).

This article was taken from Answers magazine, September–October, 2018, pg 82.

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